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A wearable device for controlling any ROS based Robot.


Robokinesis is a low-cost wearable device that has the potential to control or interact with any ROS-based mobile robots and manipulators. It is designed to be a general wearable device that can be used to control any robot or manipulator. The Robokinesis ROS package is also modular enough to be used with any other wearable RTOS hardware.

The idea

Package Modularity

Any RTOS hardware, Any sensors, Any ROS based robot

User-Defined number of sensor inputs, User-Defined number of mapped ROS topics

  • The core goal was to develop a ROS package that can be used on any sensor integrated hardware.
  • The Robokinesis ROS package maps the raw sensor data to user-defined ROS topics onboard and streams it directly to the robot at the desired frequency, without any middle agent.
  • The modularity of this package and the fact that it maps to any desired topic opens an opportunity to a wide range of applications

Budget Hardware

  • High-end wearables for controlling ROS-based robots exist, especially used in Human-robot interaction research. But its ROS packages and SDKs are tightly coupled with its hardware that the package can't be used on low-cost alternatives or in combination with other open-source ROS packages.

Author: Mihir Patel